On Being an Artist

News from the LebenArt Studio - March 2022

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Yeah… It’s been a busy few weeks at LebenArt. I got my book published, conducted a successful Kickstarter campaign, delivered one of my pieces to a survey show of Michigan artists, and cranked out hundreds of limited edition prints for upcoming art fairs.

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Lots of artists work digitally these days. More all the time. But, what is digital art? A broad definition is, art that is created, all or in part, using computers. It could be a painting, or a movie, or a song, or a performance, or even a sculpture. It could be a NFT (non fungible token), which, remarkably, is anything that exists in digital form that you can own the copyright for (kind of). NFTs are hot in the art world these days, and you can only buy them using digital currency called Ethereum, which is a blockchain cryptocurrency like bitcoin or dogecoin. HUH?

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Arts, Farts & Applecarts - Embracing Change

In my last blog post I discussed the importance of consistency in an artist’s body of work. But embracing change is equally important...

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Arts, Farts & Applecarts - Blog #5 - Artistic Consistency

It may come as a surprise to some of my patrons that I am not a computer nerd. A computer nerd will embrace the complexity and revel in the discovery of new and exciting possibilities. I shudder at the thought of a new version of my software.

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Arts, Farts & Applecarts: The Truth About Art fairs - Part 2

“Two ladies were admiring all the art exhibited at the art fair. One asked ‘All this beautiful artwork. Where do you think they find the time to make all this art? The other one answers: Well, you know, they don’t work!’” 

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