On Being an Artist

Arts, Farts & Applecarts - Blog #5 - Artistic Consistency

It may come as a surprise to some of my patrons that I am not a computer nerd. A computer nerd will embrace the complexity and revel in the discovery of new and exciting possibilities. I shudder at the thought of a new version of my software.

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Arts, Farts & Applecarts: The Truth About Art fairs - Part 2

“Two ladies were admiring all the art exhibited at the art fair. One asked ‘All this beautiful artwork. Where do you think they find the time to make all this art? The other one answers: Well, you know, they don’t work!’” 

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The Truth About Art Fairs - Part 1

"In my art gallery I might see a couple dozen people on a weekend. At an art fair, I see thousands. Art fairs are a terrific venue for selling art but they are expensive to do and all art fairs are not alike..."

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Arts, Farts & Applecarts - Professional artist - Part 2

Necessity and, even desperation… are great motivators. (…the mortgage is due… I gotta sell some art!). Maybe I need a little panic to motivate me.

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Professional Artist?

What is a "professional" artist? And what does it take to become one?

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